June 19, 2014

CoRoTsky Tool

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The objective of this tool is the global optimisation of the scientific program by:

  • the definition of an optimal selection of observation fields and targets taking into account
    • simultaneously, seismo and exoplanet criteria,
    • satellite (flight domain) and instrument (windowing) constraints,
    • eventually specific targets of additional programs.
  • the pre-launch preparation of observation program,
  • the update of the observation schedulling during the mission.

The main functionalities (some of them being restricted) are:

  • the choice of the CCD position and orientation for each run, allowing to calculate the line of sight and the associated quaternion for the satellite attitude maneuvers,
  • the selection of targets on seismology and exoplanet CCDs,
  • the verification of feasibility, in terms of windowing and piloting (identification of star couples usable for ecartometry),
  • the computation of the dates to start and stop a run (Sun position),
  • the construction of a global observation planning, thanks to criteria on depointing (constraints of straylight from Earth and Moon) and roll angle (thermal constraints relative to the focal unit radiator).

The main users are:

  • the Co-Is and Associated scientists who prepare the observation proposals,
  • the project group which analyse their feasibility and prepare satellite commands,
  • the work groups' leaders and the scientific Committee which select the proposals and validate the global program.

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