March 24, 2015

2011 Symposium

Second International Corot Symposium

in Marseille, June 14th to 17th, 2011

CoRoT symposium in June 2011

Corot is a pioneering mission for the space-based study of extra solar planets and asteroseismology.

The First Corot Symposium held in Paris in February 2009 focused on the first scientific results from the mission. Corot has been delivering high precision photometric data since January 2007 and the first two years of Corot data are now public. These data have been analyzed by a broader community for science beyond the initial objectives of Corot.

The aim of this second conference was to explore the synergy between exoplanets and asteroseismology. By bringing the planetary and stellar communities together this symposium's sought to give rise to new projects that will lead to advances in the integral study of planetary systems and their host stars.

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