July 8, 2016


The CoRot satellite is composed of:

  • a PROTEUS platform (Plateforme Reconfigurable pour l'Observation, pour les Télécommunications et les Usages Scientifiques). This bus is designed for 500 kg class satellites, operating in low Earth orbit. CoRot is the third mission to use this platform and the associated generic ground control segment after Jason-1 and Calipso.

  • a payload which is made up of an off axis telescope, a wide field camera operating in the visible, an equipment bay hosting analogical and digital electronics and a flight software programme in charge of the aperture photometry processing and the delivery of angle error measurement data to the platform (fine pointing mode).

CoRot Satellite Main Characteristics
Mass 630 kg at launch
Payload mass300 kg
Length4100 mm
Diameter1984 mm
Power530 W
Pointing accuracy0.5 arcsec
Telemetry1.5 Gbit/day
Mass memory capacity2 Gbit
Delta V90 m/s
Mission duration2.5 years

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