June 19, 2014

Mission in Brazil at INPE

December 3 to 5, 2003

INPE, the guardroom

INPE Campus, Beta building

Thien Lam-Trong presents the CoRoT project
to INPE engineers in charge of the
future Natal Station

Paul Gélie presents the two possible
scenarii for the Natal Station use

Philippe Crébassol and the ground network plans

from left to right: Himilcon de Castro Carvalho,
Laurent Boisnard, Thien Lam-Trong, Paul Gélie,
Philippe Crébassol, Marcus Vinicius Cisotto,
Carlos Alberto Ferrari

Sao Jose spatial center view

Sao Jose spatial center view

Brazilian flag: order and progress

A little sightseeing tour on the coast

Sao Jose dos Campos,
industrial park near Ambraer


Paul Gélie, Thien Lam-Trong,
Philippe Crebassol and Laurent Boisnard