June 19, 2014

First CoRoT workshop in Brazil

 from October 29 to November 2, 2004

Opening ceremony

Welcome by José Renan

Welcome speech by Annie Baglin

Eduardo Janot Pacheco

Eduardo Janot Pacheco

Annie Baglin and Jacques Lepine

Presentation by Thien Lam Trong CNES

Presentation by Laurent Boisnard CNES

Natal's University Rector

Brazilian university representatives

Presentation by Pierre Barge LAM

Presentation by Magali Deleuil LAM

Presentation by Annie Baglin

The participants

Annie Baglin and José Renan's interview


Ocean Palace, Hotel for the seminar

Leonardo Pinheiro and Fabio Fialho
brazilian studiants in France



Visite of the INPE Center in Natal

The INPE offices

Ozone measure station

SACI and Argos station

Antenna GPS positionning by
Francisco Mota, Manoel Maffra de Carvalho
(Chief of the Natal regional center)
and Thien Lam Trong

The view

Soccer field

Mango tree

Cashew nut

Discovery of Brazil

Leonardo Pinheiro da Silva, Laurent Boisnard,
Annie Baglin et Thien Lam Trong

Old gail transformed in art gallery

Project Manager at the market

The market