June 24, 2014

CoRoT: 6th Scientific Committee

6th Scientific Committee
The meeting was held at Paris Observatory, salle de l'Atelier, on April 2 and 3 2001

Part 1: Progress report on the scientific activities
The Exoplanet Working Group
General Activities Pierre Barge
Colours Daniel Rouan
The biprism system Michel Decaudin
Influence of the stellar backgroung and of the zodiacal light André Vuillemin
the German contribution Heike Rauer
The Seismology Working Group
Activity and organization Eric Michel
SB2 stars: seismological target for CoRoT? J.-C. Suarez, Alain Hui-Bon-Hoa, E. Michel
Analysis of WIRE data of the massive star Mimosa J. Cuypers, C. Aerts, D. Buzasi, J. Catanzarite, R. Laher, T. Conrow
Additional Programs Working GroupWerner Weiss
Ground Based Observations Working Group
Report progress Claude Catala
Photometric program and delta scuti stars Rafael Garrido
Ground-based observations for COROT/Exoplanets Calire Moutou, Magali Deleuil, Hans Deeg et al.
Part 2: The choice of the plane of the orbit and of the orientation of the CCDs
Evolution of the constraints
Mission requirements Laurent Boisnard
Density of dwarves in the Exoplanet field Magali Deleuil
Going from mv=6 to mv=6.5 for target selection Eric Michel
Part 3: Organization
Public relations Frédéric Bonneau
The CoRoT weeks All
Evolution of the definition of a Co-I Annie Baglin