June 19, 2014

7th CoRoT Week in Granada

The conference (© L. Boisnard and L. Kerjean)

Opening ceremony, in the presence of the mayor of Granada

Opening speech, by Annie Baglin P.I.

Overview of the project, by Thien Lam-Trong

Instrument progress report, by Pierre Bodin

Instrument progress report, by Pierre Bodin

Scientific community during plenary session

Transit of Laurent Kerjean

Presentation of COROTCAM, by Tristan Buey

Optical adjustment of COROTCAM,
by Pernelle Bernardi

Jaymie Matthews, P.I. of the
MOST space telescope

Annie Baglin and Jaymie Matthews
dancing a furious CoRoT Bossa

Overview of the CMC, by Philippe Laudet

Zoom on the subsystems of the CMC

Industrial development of the CMC,
by Miguel Sanchez Portal (GMV)

Through the town (© L. Kerjean)

Alhambra fortress

Place of the Cathedral

From left to right: Josiane Cuvilo,
Philippe Laudet, Jacqueline Platzer,
Elodie Bourrec, Pierre Bodin, Laurent Kerjean,
Sylvaine Chantreuil, Thien Lam-Trong

Place of the City Hall

Night walk on the Albaicin

Alhambra fortress