June 24, 2014

Contributions to the 8th CoRoT week

Plenary session 1:

Opening speeches

  • M. Pierre Moskwa, CNES
  • M. Dominique Le Quéau, CNRS
  • M. Jean-Louis Counil, CNES

Instrument session

  • Mission progress report, Thien Lam-Trong
  • Mission profile and system architecture, Laurent Boisnard (17,5 Mb)
  • Instrument progress report, Pierre Bodin (1.4 Mb)
  • First images on the sky (PEPSI), Michel Auvergne (3.8 Mb)

Related space missions

  • The most recent MOST results, R. Kuschnig (3.6 Mb)
  • Needle and haystack - modes in amplitude spectra, P. Reegen (8 Mb)
  • The micro-satellite chinese project SVOM

Exoplanet worging groups session

  • Relation between the br magnitudes in the USNO-A2 catalog the standard J-C UBVRI magnitudes, J. Fabregat (1.9 Mb)
  • An overview of the Oversampling Mode, P. Barge
  • Follow-up in the CoRoT context, M.Deleuil
  • Management of planetary transit candidates, H.Deeg (1 Mb)
  • Eclipsing binaries: statistical aspects, T.Guillot/F.Pont (1.2 Mb)
  • COROTLUX ongoing activities
  • The Doppler follow-up of the CoRoT transit candidates, F. Bouchy
  • The CoRoT follow-up strategy / Discussion, M.Deleuil + all

Thematic parallel sessions

Session A

  • Discriminating planetary transits from stellar occultations within LCs
  • Strategies for CoRoT, P.Barge
  • (2.2 Mb)
  • Blind test N*1: late exercice
  • "Matched filter algorithms for transit detection", F.Fressin (1.4 Mo)

Session B

  • Seismology Data analysis, Coordinator T. Appourchaux
  • Time frequency analysis, F. Baudin
  • Curvelet analysis, P. Lambert (6.8 Mb)
  • Tools
  • Methods in ground based seismology, R. Garrido (1.7 Mb)
  • Light curve simulator for CoRoT observations, F. Baudin R. Samadi

Session C

  • The Status of the CoRoT photometric masks, A.Llebaria (1.5 Mb)
  • Modelling colored stellar variability for BT2, S.Aigrain (2.8 Mb)

Session D

  • Model comparison, M. Monteiro

Session E

  • Seismology of rotating stars

Session F

  • Hare and Hounds activities, T. Appourchaux

Session G

  • Binaries Thematic team, I. Ribas and C.Maceroni (2.4 Mb)

Seismology working groups session

  • Report on data analysis activities, T. Appourchaux
  • What are the objectives of the exploratory programme ? E. Michel, A. Baglin and all
  • Two multiperiodic Be stars for the CoRoT exploratory programme
  • Red giants in a CoRoT short run, de Ridder
  • The spectroscopic and photometric monitoring of stars around primary targets with 8.0<V<9.5, E. Poretti
  • The Catania contribution to the spectroscopic monitoring, M. Rainer (1.2 Mb)
  • Solar-like oscillations with Harps, F. Bouchy
  • Interferometric observations, F-X. Schmider
  • Photometric and spectroscopic monitoring of Delta Sct, Gamma Dor and Beta Cep variables, E. Poretti (1.6 Mb)
  • Ground based support to the seismology programme, E. Poretti

Additional programs session

  • News and recall for the AO of the APs, W.W. Weiss
  • Classification of variable stars, R. Garrido
  • Leuven group, J. Debosscher
  • Madrid group, Sarro et al.
  • Reports from Thematic Teams
  • Activity and Rotation, J.R. de Medeiros
  • Be stars, A.-M. Hubert & C. Neiner (1.2 Mb)
  • Gamma Doradus, J.C. Valtier (1 Mb)
  • PMS, K. Zwintz (2.7 Mb)
  • Pulsating G and K Giants, de Ridder
  • Mode identification using CoRoT exo-planetary colours, R. Garrido
  • Doolize 25, V. Ripepi (8.6 Mb)
  • Hungarian participation in CoRoT, M. Paparo (3.6 Mb)

Plenary session 2

  • Data bases in CoRoT sky: present situation, S. Charpinet (1 Mb), M. Deleuil
  • Complementary observations: the ESO/ESA framework, F. Favata
  • A programme for the first short run, exo and sismo needs, E. Michel, M. Deleuil
  • Scientific content of the first pointings, E. Michel, M. Deleuil
  • Conclusions


  • ROTSE-I all sky survey as a tool of target selection in the CoRoT fields, J. Benko and Z. Csubry (3.5 Mb)
  • MuFrAn, a scriptable data processing tool for variable stars, Z. Csubry and Z. Kollath (3.1 Mb)
  • Global dynamics of terrestrial planets in ESPs, R.Dvorak et al. (2 Mb)
  • ESTA/CoRoT Task1- Models comparison; Preliminary results, M. Monteiro et al. (2 Mb)
  • TemplogG fundamental parameters dermination from Strôgren photometry, A. Kaiser, W. Weiss, C. tuetz, P. Bendlich, P. Amado
  • A GTC RV survey of CoRoT stars, E. Martin, H. Deeg, H. Bouy, M. Osorio, J. Ge, V. Beja
  • Towards an abundace determination for the OB stars in teh Gaudi database, T. Morel, K. Butler, M. Briquet, C. Aerts
  • Contribution to the CoroT ground based preparatory work from Serra La Nave (Catania) observatory, G. Cutispoto, E. Distefano, M. Rainer
  • Calibration of stellar evolution using stellar pulsations, M. Suran and N. Popescu
  • Detection and photometric monitoring of QSOs and AGN with CoRoT, J. Surdej, J. Poels, J-F Claessens, E. Gosset
  • A yound association in the CoRoT anti-centre direction, C. Torres, G Quest, R. de la Reza, L. da Silva