July 8, 2016

Exoplanet Search

The planet finding programme consists in observing, in a systematic way, fields of 12 000 stars.
Thanks to 150-day observing runs, telluric planets were detected with complete confidence with a revolution period lower than 50 days (transit repetition). The analysis of the 3-colour light curves underpins these detections by differentiating planetary transits (achromatic events) and stellar activity (badly known, but expected to be  highly chromatic due to temperature variations). The short observing runs have been an opportunity to improve statistics on giant exoplanets such as hot Jupiters.

Duration of runsidentical to seismology
Number of stars12 000
Magnitudebetween 12 and 15.5
Total number of targets 120 000
Spectral typesred dwarfs, mostly F to M

Targets for CoRoT Mission

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