March 24, 2015

2009 Symposium

First International Corot Symposium

in Paris, February 2nd – 5th, 2009

Affiche 1er symposium international CoRoT

"The Corot space mission, launched on December 27th 2006, has been developped and is operated by CNES, with the contribution of Austria, Belgium, Brasil , ESA, Germany and Spain."

This meeting will be mainly devoted to the presentation of the first scientific results based on the Corot data released in 2007 and 2008, as well as future developments.

There will be a description of the properties of the instrument in flight and its performances. In addition to stellar seismology and exoplanet detection, the scientific fields will cover stellar activity, stellar rotation, binary systems...

Theoretical contributions concerning all these topics are also welcome. Future projects adressing the study of the formation and evolution of the star-planets systems will be discussed extensively.

  • Programme
  • Acces to the Symposium presentations and posters
  • Organisation
    • Organization committee:
      President: Chantal DELABARRE, CNES
      Conny AERTS - HELAS
      Annie BAGLIN, Observatoire de Paris – LESIA
      Inez BURGER, Colloquium
      Jean–Louis COUNIL, CNES
      Damien LE MAREC, Colloquium
      Olivier VANDERMARCQ - CNES

    • Scientific committee:

      Advisory Board:
      Conny AERTS - HELAS
      Michel AUVERGNE - Observatoire de Paris LESIA
      Annie BAGLIN - Observatoire de Paris - LESIA
      Pierre BARGE - LAM
      Fabienne CASOLI - CNES
      Claude CATALA - Observatoire de Paris - LESIA
      Jean-Louis COUNIL, CNES
      Magali DELEUIL - LAM
      Eric MICHEL - Observatoire de Paris - LESIA
      Georges ALECIAN - Observatoire de Paris LUTH
      Malcolm FRUDLIND - ESA project scientist
      Rafael GARRIDO - Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia
      Tristan GUILLOT - Observatoire de Nice
      Eduardo JANOT-PACHECO - Universidad de São Paulo
      Laurent JORDA - LAM
      Arlette NOELS - IAGL
      Marc OLLIVIER - IAS
      Heike RAUER - DLR Institute of Space Sensor Technology
      Daniel ROUAN - LESIA representative
      Ian ROXBURGH - ESA coordinateur scientifique
      Jean SCHNEIDER - LUTH representative
      Olivier VANDERMARCQ - CNES
      Gérard VAUCLAIR - OMP representative
      Werner WEISS - Institut for Astronomy