March 24, 2015

Organization during the development phase

Mission organization during
the development phase

The CoRoT project is carried out with an international cooperation.

The French contribution

  • The CNES is responsible of the entire system
  • The CNES is responsible for the launch contract
  • Thales Alenia Space Satellite industrial architect:
  • platform supplier,
  • satellite engineering,
  • satellite AIT,
  • launch campaign.

  • The CNES is the instrument manager
    The instrument is composed of 4 subsystems managed by french laboratories:
  • LAM (Marseille),
  • Paris-Meudon Observatory,
  • IAS (Orsay).

The instrument cooperation

The Ground Segment cooperation

  • Spain and Brazil contribute to the Ground Segment.
    The GMV company is responsible for the development of the CoRoT Mission Center Software.
    Brazil brings the Alcantara earth terminal, and 5 Brazilian engineers/researchers have been seconded to work in France on the development of the User Ground Segment (definition of calibration and data processing methods).