June 24, 2014

3rd CoRoT WEEK

3rd CoRoT Week - December 2002, from 4th to 7th in Liège


    • Program:
    Wednesday 4thMission status (31 Mo),
    Plenary Session,
    CSL to Visit
    Thursday 5thSeismology Working Group,
    Exoplanet Working Group and
    Ground based observation Program Working Group
    Friday 6thSeismology Working Group,
    Exoplanet Working Group,
    Ground based observation Program Working Group,
    Additional Program Working Group and Plenary Session
    Saturday 7th
    Reports of the Working Group and
    9th Scientific Committee

    For more information about this event, please visits the IAGL (Institut d'Astrophysique et de Géophysique de Liège) web site
      • Event's Pictures: