June 24, 2014

6th CoRoT WEEK

6th CoRoT Week - May 2004, from 17th to 19th

Affiche CoRoT WEEK


    Monday 17th Status of the CoRoT project
    The CoRoT Archive at IAS
    The CoRoT light curve show
    Presentation of the MOST results
    Plennary session progress report on ground observations and elaboration of mission's database
    Tuesday 18thBlind tests and evaluation/comparison of several detection methods on simulated light curves and presentation of the results for the Exoplanet program.
    Characterization of secondary candidates, Primary candidate HD49933 observed with HARPS, Fields evaluation for the Seismology program
    Wednesday 19th Splinter sessions and Scientific council, presentation of the bresilian contribution to the ground observations

    For more information about this event, please visits the IAS web site