June 23, 2014

Mission in Vancouver and meeting with MOST team

from September 30 to October 4, 2004

(© L. Boisnard)

Campus of the University of British Columbia and MOST team

1st data exchange between
Michel Auvergne and Rainer Kushnig

Lunch with MOST team around
Jaymie Matthews

Technical discussion

Rainer Kuschnig

MOST Laboratory

MOST Programmation Center

MOST Microsatellite mock-up

Mission Programmation station

MOST antenna on the roof of the University

Campus of the UBC

Campus of the UBC

Campus of the UBC

General views of Vancouver and Victoria




Downtown Vancouver

Stanley Park

Siwash Rock (Stanley Park)

Stanley Park indian totems

Butchart Gardens indian totems

Butchart Gardens

Grouse Mountain cable car

Convention and Exhibition Center, 55th Congress of Astronautic

Waterfront Convention and Exhibition Center

Convention and Exhibition Center

Guest House

Convention and Exhibition Center

Canadian Space Agency stand

NASA stand

Opening ceremony

Opening ceremony

IAC Richard Cook lecture (JPL)

IAC plenary session Y. D'Escatha

MER mission presentation by JPL

MER mission presentation by JPL

Conference by Jaymie Matthews at Mac Millan Space Center, on October 2004, 6th

J. Matthews under the planetarium dome

J. Matthews